Bizmatik Demo

Advance Your Business


A full Bizmatik demo is provided here for you to test use its business management features. Feel free to try out the system in anyway you want. Don't worry about messing up the demo because it is refreshed frequently. If you see any error, just try again some time later.

Staff Login Area

  • The staff login area (aka the admin area) is where you manage the day-to-day business activities. The demo user is assigned "General Manager" role and has full access to the system. Click on the image on the right to proceed with the demo user login.

  • Try out the various features found in Dashboard, Contacts, Matters, Exchange, Finance, HR, Public, Utilities, Options, and Help.

  • Read more about the system in Help > Quick Guide section. You can also download the guide as a PDF file.


Public Frontend

  • The system's frontend can be used as a Web site. Not just a static site but a dynamic ecommerce site with 10 modules: Avertising, Blog, Directory, Events, Forum, Jobs, Helpdesk, Media, Newsletters, and Onlinestore.

  • Click on the image on the right to see the public frontend. Not all modules are displayed in this example.

  • You can integrate the look and feel with an existing Web design or use a new Bootstrap template. Here are two more examples: Corporate, Networking.


Online Account for Contacts

  • Bizmatik lets your contacts access their records online and enroll in your free or paid membership program. You can create the user account for an existing contact or have the contact do his/her own registration online.

  • Click on the image on the right to see how things work in the account area for contacts. For example, you can go back and forth between the staff login area and contact account area to review the interactions between transactions, appointments, messages, site postings, and account settings.