• Exotic Argan Oil  

    By Jimmy Test, 10-06-2021

    Vacaville, CA (MyPR) -- Argan oil is fast gaining a foothold in the US market. A produce that is primarily found in Morocco, it has been praised by alternative health practitioners for its many amazing benefits. Argan oil is a staple for many countries since many centuries ago. It is used as food flavor, including dressing in salads like what you do with olive oil. The nutrient value is quite high, and it nourishes body cells with no side effects. Some people even find it useful as a medicine for curing stomach ache.

    Argan oil is high in essential fatty acids. It comprises a combination of nearly 80 percent palmitic acid, stearic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid, and linolenic acid. A diet that includes Argan oil would be good for the body inside and out and good for those with dry skin.

    Another amazing thing about Argan oil is its long shelf life. It oxidizes very slowly and will last for as long as 20 years when extracted by traditional methods. The rise in demand in Europe and North America has resulted in new processing methods. These new methods seem to produce the same high quality food and skin care treatment products in much quicker time, which helps to lower the cost.

    Argan oil is somewhat hard to find in the U.S. because it is not a mass market product yet. However, a little of research in your friendly neighborhood and online stores, will surprise you in a pleasant way.

    I encourage you to check out this amazing product, try it, and see how well it works for you. Perhaps, you will come to enjoy it as much as I do.

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