• RFID for Your Skin  

    By Nicole Test, 08-06-2021

    London (MyPR) -- Doctors worldwide will be able to store medical information under the skin of their patients soon. As reported by a major medical association, RFID devices the size of a grain of rice that are implanted with a needle could give doctors everywhere quick access to the records of any patient, any time, anywhere.

    FDA has already approved these RFID devices for use in improving the safety and quality of patient care by making the information instantly available in a secured manner. Only those with authorized access can read the medical information.

    These RFID devices are similar to those use by bookstores and grocery stores that are used to remotely identify and track their inventories. However, the functions are similar. The information is typically read using a hand-held scanner.

    Studies show that implanting RFID devices in people can improve the continuity and coordination of patient care with less adverse drug events and medical errors.

    There is some downside as these devices may pose some physical risks, compromise patient privacy, or present other social hazards. HIPAA is the primary concern as it concerns privacy of the information stored on the device. But in life, nothing is 100% secure.

    The RFID devices have come a long way. They are now ready to be deployed in clinics and hospitals. Despite the risks, they will allow patients to receive better care from their providers.

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